Interstate 40 Rest Areas

Interstate 40 is a 2,555-mile route running east to west from Wilmington, North Carolina, to Barstow, California. Much of the western part from Oklahoma City to Barstow parallels or overlays the historic U.S. Route 66.

Select a state below for a list of rest areas within that state.

More detailed rest area information is available here.

Find out what services are available at each exit with the Next EXIT guide.

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12 thoughts on “Interstate 40 Rest Areas

  1. 3 rest stops in Arkansas closed ,back to back to back,means no place to relieve,stretch for almost the entire state.sucked big time. I can see remodeling needs from time to time,but doing all three at the same time is ignorant.

    • I agree with u on that stretch, I went through there last week and needed to stop but didn’t need fuel ended up driving over my dot and thank God didn’t get popped

  2. Traveling from Dallas to Northern Va.
    Rest areas on I40 closed in both directions ( Welcome center was open). Why? Especially over a holiday weekend when a lot of people are traveling?? Will they be open in December??? Poor planning on someone’s part.

  3. Interstate 40 mile marker 302 eastbound in New Mexico shut down until further notice… place to park for miles as on and off ramps are off limits to truck parking. Best use the gas stations about 10 miles or so before the rest stop….

  4. The Arkansas Welcome Center, Westbound is not at mm 274. That is just a truck pull off. The Welcome Center is not in a rest area.

  5. Westbound Rest Stops at Eric OK, Newkirk NM and Moriarity NM are closed and look like they have been for quite some time.
    I hope AZ and CA are better at keeping them open.

  6. TN 363/362 don’t exist. Their is an exit at 362 but no reason to stop (no gas stations, or restaurants at this exit at this time).

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