2 thoughts on “Interstate 5 Rest Areas

  1. We just tried to park to use restrooms at 10 pm at Exit 140 Federal Way. Zero spots available. Cars in EVERY space–no one in any cars except maybe two. Very odd. Several cars parked and abandoned with only a few people at a picnic table. One person in the ladies’ bathroom, none in the men’s in the north set. No one left in cars to open up spaces either—just those parking along the side of the drive came and went. This is not how rest areas are supposed to operate. Coffee stand said it was open with no one there also. I’ve been to m a n y rest areas in my lifetime and have never experienced this before—day or night–something is very odd here.

    • State of Washington decided it was too dangerous for folks to change the “free coffee” signs, so they are out all the time now.

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