10 thoughts on “Interstate 65 Rest Areas

  1. Stopped in the mm300 cullman rest area yesterday evening. Not very busy at all. Was tired and needed to rest. I personally prefer some sense of privacy when I go to the restroom so when I noticed it was empty I went. No sooner than I sat down the guard comes in and sits in the stall right beside me. Wtf. Creepy so I go back to the car. A little later I try again. Guess who pays me a visit again. I mean really WTF!!!! Three times total!!!!! I noticed a big fat bolt someone used to plug a peep hole. Kind of wonder if he had anything to do with the hole to start with. I’m not accusing him but I was very creeped out.

  2. Mile marker 89 evergreen south on i65 closed again. It seems every time in come through here late at night it’s closed. Daytime it’s open. I just passed it again really tired and need to rest but sign at exit closed and it’s blocked off. I can see trucks and cars there and a few trucks leaving. By no means is it full. All the walmarts down here run u off so your only options are to chug on to your destination praying you don’t fall asleep at the wheel or pay for a really expensive hotel just to nap. I personally question if there us some back scratching going on with the hotels. It is a little out of the way and you will have to go back north a little bit but 5 miles south you will see a rest area on the northbound side. Exit a mile south and u turn back north and stay there. This rest area seems to always be open. You lose a little time back tracking but it’s better than paying $80+ to nap for a few hours.

  3. The Lebanon rest area on I65 is not clean. I stop there frequently. It is a main interstate through Indiana.

    It needs to be cleaned more frequently and dead birds removed from sidewalks and grass areas.

  4. We stopped at the I65 Wolcott.
    , IN. We lost money in a vending machine. Couldn’t find any means to find out how you get your money refunded. I would appreciate the help.

    • You need to contact the Indiana Department of Transportation office. This was on their website:

      Vending services for INDOT rest areas and welcome centers are provided by Indiana Family and Social Services Administration division of Blind and Visually Impaired Services in accordance with Indiana Code.

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