Question: I would like to have my brochures distributed at a rest area or welcome center. Can you help? Answer: Welcome centers often distribute brochures highlighting area attractions and lodging information. Welcome centers are usually managed by tourism offices; inquiries about brochure distribution should be directed to the state’s tourism office.

Family Restrooms

Question: Are there family restrooms in the rest areas? Answer: Over 200 rest areas nationwide have family restrooms for those needing bathroom assistance. Information about family restrooms is not posted on this website but is available in each of the Interstate Rest Area Guides we publish.

Lost and Found

Question: I’ve lost something at a rest area. Can you help? Answer: This web site is not affiliated with any official Department of Transportation. The webmaster is unable to assist persons who may have lost items at a rest area. All inquiries regarding lost items should be directed to the appropriate Department of Transportation.

Overnight Parking

Question: Is overnight parking allowed in rest areas? Answer: Overnight parking is permitted in 16 states but some restrictions may apply. Camping is not permitted. Ohio is the only state that provides overnight RV parking spaces with hookups (available at some locations along their toll highway). Overnight parking information is not posted on this website.


Question: What is a turnout? Answer: A turnout is similar to a rest area but has few, if any, amenities. Turnouts may offer a scenic view of the surrounding landscape.

Will it Work on My Device?

Our electronic books are published in a standard PDF file format and will work on any device (iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet) that can read a PDF file. You may need to install an app (such as Adobe Reader) that can open PDF files on your device if an app is not already installed.