California Interstate 10

Rest Areas

Below is a list of rest areas along Interstate 10 in California. Rest areas are listed from east to west. Eastbound travelers read up the page; westbound travelers read down the page.

Exit 222 – Blythe

  • Rest Area

Mile Marker 159 – Indio

  • Rest Area (westbound)
  • Rest Area (eastbound)

Mile Marker 113 – Whitewater

  • Rest Area (westbound)
  • Rest Area (eastbound)

Mile Marker 91 – Beaumont

  • Rest Area (westbound)

Mile Marker 86 – Redlands

  • Rest Area (eastbound)

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1 thought on “California Interstate 10

  1. On the early hours of Feb. 20, 2017, I tried to stop at the eastbound Whitewater and the eastbound Cactus city rest areas and they were both closed. I had to go almost to the Ca/Az border (Wileys Well) before I found a rest area open. They shouldn’t close two or more in a row. That puts tired drivers having to drive another 2 hrs. AFTER they determine they are too tired to drive. And on the trip home the Lebec rest area on NB I-5 was closed. When you need a rest area they shouldn’t be closed. They should be able to close part of it and do the work, then reopen and close the other half. They are creating a dangerous situation

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